nacht - club en label   ︎   ︎

Diestsepoort 15, 3000 Leuven

At night you can escape from your daily demons and your weekly worries. nacht aims to be a safer space where everyone can live their own identity freely.

This undeniably comes with some simple house rules:

Each visitor automatically accepts the following house rules as terms of entrance. They accept that not following these rules can result in eviction of the space.

1. The practice or threat of psychological and physical violence is never permitted.

2. Much like any other drug, alcohol can severely impact the way you interact with others. Be aware of its effects.

3. Outward appearance says nothing about a person's gender identity. So always ask about pronouns.

4. You’re visiting this space as a community. Look after each other, even if you do not know the other visitors.

5. Not everyone consents to being filmed and broadcast/archived online. Keep in mind who you’re affecting by posting videos or photos online and keep the space sacred for all visitors.

6. Only “yes” means yes. Always ask for consent.

Drugs are left at home, just like your own drinks.

Is your night - for whatever reason - not going the way you envisioned? Speak to us, send or call us at +32 485 480 296. Also, feel free to send your concerns to︎︎︎


All our events are 18+

Keep it quiet outside.

Entrance only via Diestsepoort / side railway station.

Doors + ticket desk open at the start of the event.

Tickets at the ticket desk cost €7 > 00:00 > €13.


In = in, out = out

No cash, card payments only.

Limited number of lockers available (€2 for a small one, €4 for a big one).

We’re not responsible for loss or theft of belongings.

Smoking is prohibited inside. There is a smoking area next to the bar.

grafische vormgeving: Lise Leën - fotografie: Jente Waerzeggers nacht is een initiatief van One More Tune vzw (Brusselsestraat 61a, 3000 Leuven - BE 0738.654.307)