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NACHT01- Cabasa, Innershades, Trancesetters Of Westphalia

The Leuven based organisation nacht invites friends of the party to start their journey as a label. Something for the heads and the feet, NACHT01 contains 3 tracks that span different levels of intensity and cross different tempos, mirroring a good night out the way the crew feels it should.

Young gun Cabasa kicks off the catalog with a cerebral and restrained track, sprinkling UK samples and delightfully foggy breaks throughout. Aalst house and electro royalty Innershades, completing the A-side, provides the sun-soaked banger you’ve been waiting to drop all year. On the B-side Dusseldorfian Dj Ungel and the Cologne based Jonathan Sümer fuse into Trancesetters Of Westphalia. They provide the V.A. closer Ethereum, an odyssey clocking in at about nine minutes and traversing a handful planes of existence in the process.

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Interviews (nice and looooong - perfect for your weekend mornings)

artwork - Otis Verhoeve & Jente Waerzeggers
3D rendering - Lewi Moors
photography - Jente Waerzeggers

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